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Places of Interest

Latin for the 'House of Daniel', the Aedes Danielis is a palace whose imposing, facade welcome to the visitor as....        >>

This is a private chapel annexed to Aedes Danielis Palace and built by the Noble Enrico Testaferrata Bonici, Mar....        >>

Ramon Perellos, the Grand Master best known for the magificent tapestries he donated to the Church of St. Joh....        >>

The Church of the Holy Spirit was designed by Lorenzo Gafà and attached to it is a day centre for children, run by the fe....        >>

1942 was the worst year in the war for Malta, when Nazi and Fascist forces based in Sicily carried out incessant air raids....        >>

The Żejtun Parish Church Museum is adjacent to St. Catherine's Parish Church has a selection of works of art r....        >>

The Oratory is rich in Baroque architecture. It's beautiful facade in enhanced with window above two coloumns on....        >>

Since the name Żejtun is so closely associated with the Olive, this tree is of a particular significance to the pe ....        >>

Ħerba in Maltese means 'the destruxtion' could refer to the pillages often the result of pirate attacks when the south co....        >>

Following the example of Ramon Perellos, wealthy families from Valletta and Cottonera built their summer villas along....        >>

This church is dedicated to the Carmelite Friar who suffered martydrom in the middle ages. It was built by the nobelm....        >>

This quarter takes it name from the lie of the land since Gwiedi is plural of Gudja meaning an area on a slope as....        >>

Żejtun's Primary Schools, built in the neoclassical style so beloved by the British, according to the plan of Maltese....        >>

During the nineteeth century in Żejtun used to be the Magistrate's Courts. Soon after their coming to Malta, the British ap....        >>

The majestic parish church was built between 1692 and 1720, according to design of Lorenzo Gafà, one of t....        >>

These crypts have been dug in the rocks and the roof of the crypts is supported by fifteen large stone arches. The grave in....        >>

On a high stone pedestal, sits monumental wooden cross, an impressive testimony to the courage of the men Żejtun....        >>

Olive production and it's pressing for oil were abundant in Żejtun during Roman times. The press is a replica of....             >>

St. Gregory Street is one of the finest streets in Żejtun. This is the main road leading from the new parish church to the old....        >>

This is a typical Maltese old house, administered by the Town Council, and is used as a centre for training in f....        >>

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