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Luqa Briffa Botanical Garden

Luqa Briffa Garden built in 1802AD commissioned by the British High Commissioner Alexander Ball, who has also commissioned the construction of a number of gardens in various towns and villages in Malta designed by a Zejtun architect Mikiel Cachia on an Italian style. Ball gave these gardens to the Leading Representatives of the villages for their mission in the revolts against the French. The Leading Representative of Zejtun was Lieutenant Gużè Abela and in fact this garden is still known as "Gnien tal-Kmandant". Writing underneath the King George III of United Kingdom, coat of arms, which is found on the main door entrance give us this evidence. It did not take long since this garden began to improve the horticulture of Malta and in fact it was called "Giardino Botanico". Later on it became known as 'Ġnien Luqa Briffa' for the Maltese Hero in the Great Siege of 1565.



Ġnien l-Għannejja Żwieten

Ġnien l-Għannejja Żwieten, commonly known as Ta' San Girgor, is found in St. Thomas Bay Road and was built in the early 70s. This is the biggest garden found in Żejtun and enjoys one of the most magnificent views of the southeast of Malta. In this garden one finds an open theatre, the Regional Tribunal and a sports center. This garden is dedictaed to Żejtun folk singers (għannejja). One can find the monuments of Frans Baldacchino (il-Budaj), Żaren Ta' Vestru and Angela Cutajar (iċ-Ċalija).



Ta' Brejġu Garden

Gnien Ta’ Brejgu is found in Mikiel Cachia Street and was built in the late 80s. It is named for Consiglio Ellul (1882-1967) known as Brejgu. He was very active in voluntary work in connection with the parish church.



Mikiel Anton Vassalli Garden

Gnien Mikiel Anton Vassalli is found in front of the Kindergarten Centre. This is the smallest garden in Zejtun and was built in the late 80s. It is named after Vassalli who is the major contributor in the establishment of Maltese as a language.


Ġnien iż-Żgħożija

Ġnien iż-Żgħożija is found in Toni Zahra Street near Ġebel San Martin Housing Estate. It was built in the late 1980s. In this garden one can find a playing field, skate park and a 6-a-side football ground.


Ġnien il-Qawsalla

Ġnien il-Qawsalla is found in Labour Road in Bir id-Deheb area.


Cactus Garden

Cactus Garden is found in Bishop Ferdinand Mattei Street near Ġnien iż-Żgħożija at Ġebel San Martin.

Ġnien iċ-Ċrieki

Ġnien iċ-Ċrieki distinguishes itself as one of the few gardens which was planned on a specific theme. Plans by architect Peter Zammit present the theme of circles within circles, representing the social and biological aspects of human life. Apart from leisure and entertainment the garden will provide an edifying experience to visitors, through the three works of art by artist Joseph Barbara representing a trilogy to life: "Iċ-Ċrieki tal-Univers, Radial Construction" (The Circles of the Universe), "Iċ-Ċrieki Olimipiċi, Homage to the Olympics" (The Olympic Circles), and "Iċ-Ċrieki tax-Xogħol, Past, Present, Future" (The Circles of Work), together form a trilogy for human life: Nature, Passion and Reason, respectively.


During our journey as citizens of a collective universe, we are incessantly bound by the essentiality to strike a balance between the three. This was a joint project between the Ministry for Family and Social Solidarity and the Żejtun Local Council. This garden is situated between Ta’ Ganza housing estate and San Girgor housing estate and covers around 3,000 square metres of land.




Soft Areas

Total area of public soft areas in Żejtun amounts to 8,222m2. In the near future the Town Council plans to embark on an afforestation project at Strejnu area.




There are 360 streets in Żejtun: 315 urban and 45 non-urban/rural streets. The urban streets amount to a total length of 35 thousand metres and cover around 267 thousand metres square of land. The non-urban streets amount to a total length of about 10 thousand metres.



Street Lighting

We embarked on a project to replace existing street lighting lanterns and lampposts with decorative designs. In the central area of Żejtun (Vjal 25 ta’ Novembru, Misraħ Carlo Diacono, Triq il-Madonna tal-Bon Kunsill, Misraħ Girgor Bonici, Misraħ ir-Repubblika, Misraħ Wistin Abela and Triq San Girgor) we installed cast iron single globe and double globe ornamental cast iron lampposts. Gradually we are replacing the existing laterns in the village core with old style lanterns. We also started the installation of modern design street lighting lampposts in the housing estates.



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