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Payment Services:

  • Contraventions

  • Government Property Rent


​Permit Issuance:

  • Advertising material in public spaces or on street furniture (KLBL10/2000)

  • Placing of private skips and bins-on-wheels in public places (L.N.2001)

  • Use of space in Market Place (Reg. 5 L.N. 119/2002)

  • Placing of Kiddie-Ride Machines and Automatic selling machines in public places (Reg. 6 L.N. 119/2002)

  • Deposit of material in public places (Reg. 7 L.N. 119/2002)

  • Use of crane and machinery in public places (Reg. 8 L.N. 119/2002)

  • Deposit of Chairs and Tables for food and drink purposes (Reg. 9 L.N. 119/2002)

  • Use of space as kiosk for one-off activities (Reg. 10 L.N. 119/2002)

  • Entertainment activities in public places (Reg. 11 L.N. 119/2002)

  • Use of space in Trenching and works on public streets (L.N.313/2002)

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