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Places of Interest

Jesus of Nazareth Institute is an orphange founded by Josephine Curmi, the daughter of Dr. Paul Curmi, Żejtun's penu....        >>

Before the building of the present parish church of Żejtun, now at the centre of the town, this used to be the church....        >>

Ġnien l-Għannejja Żwieten (commonly known as St Gregory's Gardens  was built in the early 1970s. This is the biggest...        >>

During the construction of the new Girls' Secondary School in the 1961, the remains of a Roman countryside villa wer....        >>

Most villagers refer to this Villa as 'it-Tempju' (the temple). The villa is located at the lowest part of Żejtun, just at the b....        >>

In the past this was the main church for the hamlet of Bisqallin. Previous nowadays church there where two churches....        >>

This area is characterised by it's narrow straight streets, mainly Triq Xejba and Triq San Ċirillu. There are number of ....        >>

The name of this chapel Tas-Sinjura (of the Signora) have a double meaning since the dedication of this chapel is to the....        >>

Before this church there was another church dedicated to Our Lady which was dismantled in 1618. The building....        >>

St. Mary of Ħal Tmin wayside chapel was built in 1597. The Chapel is cubic in form with a slight gabed roof and a b....        >>

The Jesus of Nazareth Institute's is a large mechanical crib that depicting Nativity scenes withe paper-mache figu....        >>

Around the dome of the Old Parish Church there is a secret passage in U-Form. Secret passages built in the thick wall....        >>

To the south of St. Gregory's stands Luqa Briffa Garden. The anti-French revolt untrusted in the first British Gov....        >>

The area of Bisqallin, known by the locals as the Lower Village (Ir-Raħal t'Isfel) is one of the oldest parts of Żejtun. The b....        >>

This church is dedicated to Saint Clement after its founder Clement Tabone. It was built 1658 after in the place where the....        >>

A centre devotion to Our Lady of Sorrows in Żejtun, is the church of Our Lady of Mercy, in the zone of Bir id-Deheb. In 1575....        >>

Cassamento 77, commonly known by locals as Villa Arrigo, is one of the largest houses in Żejtun. This large house with a....        >>

Ta' Tavlin (known by locals as Ta' Tablin) is an area rich with various architectural and historic features, including amon....        >>

This tower was built in 1715 by the Knight Philippe de Vendome from the Knights of St. John. This tower is in the village....        >>

St. Nicholas Chapel it is a small chapel in the outskirts of Żejtun, in the hamlet of Misraħ Strejnu. Though is not pr....        >>


Band clubs are integral part of Malta's cultural and social life. Għaqda Mużikali Beland (Beland Band Club), is s....        >>

In the late 1920s and early 1930s the Żejtun Section of the Labour Party used to meet where today we find the Żejtun B....        >>

The popularity of band clubs in Malta is indicated by their proliferation of these clubs in the main squares of Malta's to....        >>

During the nineteenth century in Żejtun used to be the Magistrate's Courts. Soon aftert their coming to Malta, the British ....        >>

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