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St. Gregory's Church


St. Gregory Street          


St. Gregory Gardens


Luqa Briffa Garden


Żejtun Roman Villa


Jesus of Nazareth Institute


Jesus of Nazareth Crib


Juventutis Domus

















Contact Person

Żejtun Parish Office,

2, Triq San Girgor,



Opening Hours

Opening by appointment or during the activity Żejt iż-Żejtun.


0.089 km away

St. Gregory's Gardens

Triq Id-Daħla ta'

San Tumas

St. Gregory's Secret Passage

Around the dome of the Old Parish Church there is a secret passage in U-Form. Secret passages built in the thick walls of the southern transept afforded a hidden look-out for sentries who watched for the landings of the pirates in the non-distant bays and then relayed news of the pending invasion to the locals and warned the garrison of Mdina in the north by means of smoke signals from the roof of the church. The secret passage was discovered in the 1960s where found considerable amount of human bones.


The story beliefs these were buried alive with these passages during the last siege of 1614. One can still notice these bones in the secret passages.


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