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Ħal Tmiem Housting Estate Project

Hal Tmiem Housing Estate Joint Project between the Local Council and the Housing Authority.

Refurbishments and Improvements in the common areas of the residential blocks:

Thirteen of the sixteen residential blocks in Hal Tmiem Housing Estate participated in the excercise conducted jointly by the Local Council, represented by the Vice Mayor Mrs. Joan Agius and the Housing Authority.

Works covered redecoration of the stairwells, electrical works including replacement of sensors, intercom system, aluminium entrance-doors, replacement of wooden meter coverboards, stairwell windows and new letterboxes. This excercise was very much appreciated by the residents who were also encouraged to set-up condominium committees which resulted in the appointment of an administrator for each block. On the whole this was a much need educational and social excercise which in fact form part of the whole project. It also helped to clarify and solve many sore points which had been accumulating over the years between the residents, complaints raised by the Local Council on behalf of the residents and the Housing Authority.

This excercise is now in progress also at Ta' Ganza Housing Estate. The experience gained at Hal Tmiem has proved beneficial at Ta' Ganza.

Infrastructure Improvements:

The second phase of the Hal Tmiem Housing Estate Regeneration Project covered the immediate outdoor residential blocks precincts.

The encircling Walls of the Residential Blocks where dismantled and rebuilt. The retaining walls of the soft areas surrounding the residential blocks at Hal Tmiem Housing Estate constructed in the early 80's needed reconstruction since the globigerina limestone which suffers a lot from humidity, head eroded from direct contact with the retained soil.

The retaining walls of five blocks have already be dismantled and rebuilt in stone. Impermiable sheets have been placed in between the retain soil and the limestone walls to protect against humidity. The new walls have given the area a much improved visual impact.

The Ring road at the back of the Hal Tmiem Housing Estate was inherited by the Council in a very sorry state and only an escarpment covered in rubbish seperated the ring road from the underlying fields. Works was taken in hand by the Council to construct retaining double walls utilising recycled stone in certain sectors over ten courses high, in the process reclaiming much needed zones for parking. Work in this zone of Hal Tmiem housing estate is now in advanced stage. Work on the new pavements will soon be finished and the new parking sectors will be asphalted.

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